PureMVC: An Eventful Coding Experience

learning it the fun way

Developers in general have a love or hate kind of relationship with design patterns. I am suspicious of anyone who say they just loooove such and such design pattern. Mainly because patterns should appear in your life and immediately be followed by “f****, why didn’t I do things like this before!” So there should be some shame attached to discovering it, a sense of regret I guess. Otherwise you are doing it wrong.

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FlashNose 3D: Application and Tutorial

making fun of people so you can learn

I wanted to write a PureMVC tutorial for some time and then I remembered this old application I’d seen somewhere online, a long time ago, done in Flash 5 or 6. It used masks, since Actionscript at that time had little or no support for Bitmaps. Then I remembered the main changes in the player 10, especially FileReference, and thought it would be fun to remake that old application with the new stuff.

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Elevator Action: Riding In Flash

the original Nakatomi Plaza kerfuffle

Elevator Action was one of my favorite classic arcade games in the eighties and I’ve been wanting to build a Flash version of the game for some time. In fact, Elevator Action forms the sacred triad of classic arcade games for me, along with Golden Axe and 1942. Not great games by today’s standards, of course, not even close, but there is a lot to be said about simplicity in gameplay, and perhaps some day I’ll get around to produce a Flash version of the other two games.

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