One Game, Many Frameworks: ND2D

molehill flash

This is the second Molehill 2D framework I will cover. It is a bit more extensive than Starling and it offers a few more effects during rendering like blur and masks. It does not have however the intention of emulating the Flash architecture, the way Starling has. In many ways it will remind you of Cocos2D and its own hierarchy rather than Flash and its display list architecture.

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The Sparrow Has Landed!

back in the game

Yes, I created an entirely new section on my site just so I could post this. The issue with Sparrow is resolved, if you download the latest framework from their site, the leaks and endless allocations are gone! Thanks again to Brian for letting me know.

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One Game, Many Frameworks: LibGDX

rectangles in a loop!

We finally arrive at Android, and my favorite framework: LibGDX. Unlike the most recent tutorials in which I did not go too deep into the code of the game because I had already discussed OpenGL or Objective-C in previous tutorials; for this one I’ve decided to do a full-on tutorial. One of those oh-my-God-he-never-stops-talking tutorials.

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