LibGDX: Porting Frogger to HTML5

easy peasy

You may have already heard this, but here it goes: LibGDX, the awesome framework that helps you build games for Android, affording you an immense ammout of freedom in the process, also lets you convert your code so your game can be played in an HTML5/WebGL enabled browser. It actually adds all the JavaScript required, switches rendering to WebGL, and I swear that once, it cooked me dinner.

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Game Engine: Football Pinball

or footpinball?

As I was working on a project, the silly idea came to my head of developing a sort of mashup between a pinball game and a football game. Basically it would be a pinball game with two players. I was curious to see how the gravity could be manipulated in order to have both players struggling equally with the ball.

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ISGL3D: The Bullet Physics Engine

bodies everywhere

This time around I will show you how to set up a similar game scene as I have previously done but using the Bullet physics engine instead. As with Box2D, the Bullet engine requires quite a bit of tweaking before you get things working the way you need them to, so I will cover those adjustments as I go over the code.

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Game Scene 1: 3D Room with Isgl3D

more planes

So it’s time to take the Away3D version of my first Game Scene example and bring it to the Iphone. For this, I’ll use a framework called Isgl3D which I think is the most similar one to Away3D in the way it accomplishes things. And I find it far less confusing than Cocos3D. Plus it offers the ability to create primitives, which is something I like in Away3D, not being much of a 3D modeler myself.

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