3D Coordinates from 2D Simulation

in away3d and isgl3d

Just a quick recap, on the best ways to render a 3D game based on 2D collision logic. And what I mean by this is that your whole game logic concerns itself with a 2D simulation, and only render the scene in 3D. One simulation can easily “talk” to the other one, so that for instance if the user picks a 3D object with the mouse and moves it, this movement can be translated back to the 2D simulation. It’s just a matter of planning to find the best possible process.

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Chopper 3D: The iSGL3D Version

flying in the iphone

And now the final post on the chopper 3D game scene, this time converting the code to Objective-C and using the iSGL3D engine. This is the second 3D game scene tutorial I do with iSGL but the first one converting from Away3D 4.0. This time it becomes even more noticeable how similar the two engines are and how easy it is to move from Flash to iOS using these engines.

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