Moon Herder 2.0

I mentioned in some post a while back that I wanted to rewrite the game Moon Herder and publish it both for the iPhone and Android and also turn the whole thing into a series of tutorials. So here it is, the first post on the series.

For those who don’t remember the game, this is what it looked like:

Use mouse to draw lines

You must draw lines to make the moon bounce around the screen collecting the stars. Then you must return the moon to its perch once all stars are collected.

Changes in Version 2.0

- The screen size will change. The game will be an universal app, targeting iPhone and iPad screen sizes.

- There is a Time limit and a Power limit (Power is used to create lines.)

- The Player draws the line out and doesn't just picks the two points that form the line.

- There are multiple levels, with increasing number of stars to be collected.

- There are boost stars, that increase power.

- When timer reaches 50% the sun comes up to complicate things.

- When timer reaches 20% the sun increases in size to complicate things further.

- The longer the line the more power it consumes when created, and the stronger the moon will bounce off it.

- The more lines currently on stage, the more power is consumed

- When hitting a boost, Power will increase until you draw another line.

Here is a test demo done in ActionScript.

You need to draw a line before the game starts running. And you can't die in this demo version: if the moon falls off screen, it reappears at the top, and energy and timer are disregarded when they reach zero.

The tutorial will be divided into multiple posts. So what I'll do here is, I'll have a list of what these posts will possibly be here in this page, and then I will turn each one into a link as I write the individual posts. So you can bookmark this page and use it as an index.

The Tutorial Index

- Line Collision

- Stars Collision Grid

- Cocos2D Version

- Cocos2D-x Version

- Maybe a LibGDX Version?