Cocos2d HTML5: The Syntax

c++ and javascript

The syntax differences between Cocos2d-x (C++) and Cocos2d HTML5 (JavaScript) are surprisingly small. In fact you could do away with most of them by using Find and Replace: just look for the CC prefix and replace it with cc. (that is “cc” and a dot).

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Cocos2d HTML5: Project Setup

web and native versions

Setting up a Cocos2d HTML5 project is a remarkably easy process and here I’ll show you how to do it both for the web and the native versions. But first you will need to download the Cocos2d HTML5 framework, and a matching Cocos2d-x framework. I used version 2.1.1. It’s much easier to develop both web and native versions if the frameworks match. And even easier with this 2.1.1 version.

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