Cocos2d-x: the Book

Yep, I wrote a book. It’s called Cocos2d-x by Example Beginner’s Guide, and as the name implies, it covers the development of games with the C++ based framework Cocos2d-x. You’ve probably seen a few tutorials on this blog related to Cocos2d-x and C++, but now, there’s a whole book of them!

Code updates for version 2.1.3 of the framework.

The book covers the development of 6 games, two of them with Box2D. Here are some screenshots:

Air Hockey

Sky Defense

Rocket Through

Victorian Rush Hour

MiniPool (Box2D)

Eskimo (Box2D)

All the games are universal apps, and I talk a lot about developing games for multiple screen sizes.

The code can be easily followed by anyone with any experience with a C based language, including ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP, as well as the usual bunch: Java, C# and of course Objective-C.

Cocos2d-x can be used to build games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry… among others, with the same code. And it’s incredibly easy to use.

Here is the Packt page about the book, and some links to the book at an online store near you!


Barnes & Noble

I hope this will be counted as a helpful source of information on Cocos2d-x development, along side the likes of the Paralaxer project.

I certainly put a lot of effort into developing game examples that were fun to play! I hope you’ll enjoy reading the book as much I enjoyed writing it.

15 thoughts to “Cocos2d-x: the Book”

  1. My main interest in the book is how it use c++ to develop a multi-platform game so you won’t have to create a different version for different mobiles.

    1. Awesome, thanks. And how did your 3D project turn out? As I recall you were going to try using paths.

  2. Hey Roger, thanks so much for remembering me 🙂 yes, I’ve tried your paths method and it worked! but now I am very interested in cocos2dx and reading your book, try to create something new instead :p

  3. Hi, just start reading your book, its great!

    But starting with sky defence, I get some problems,

    also as I understand some pieces of code become deprecated.

    Is there any place to disscuss this issues?


    1. Hi. I’ll add a post this week listing what needs to be changed between versions 2.04 and 2.1+ and I’ll email you when this is up on the site. (I’ll also link from this page to the new post)

  4. Hi thanks for a great book. I played around with cocos2d-x and your book during summer but have had a break since then, now I see that the framework is up at version 3.0 in beta. Do you know if your book still is relevant for this version of the framework?

    1. Hi mirek
      The was a lot of syntax changes in version 3. The concepts in the book are still applicable, but the wording became very different. I believe there are plans for a 3.0 book soon.

      1. Thanks for your reply. It sounds like I might have to learn some syntax on my own then. A new book sounds nice though, hope it’s written soon!

    1. The last chapter covers how to create eclipse projects with Cocos2d-x 2.x. (version 3.x changed considerably and became a lot simpler to achieve) But yes, if you want to use version 2.x you should start with the last chapter and then bring in the code into the eclipse projects

  5. Its a really good book.

    Just wanted to make a request, if you could please, please, please, update this book for v3. It’d be a great tool for some of us.


  6. Hi. will the code be ever updated to v3.x

    I was working with v3.x so I was thinking that since v3.x is going to have much more features than v2.x then why I should be opting for this book..

    Anyways, I am impressed by the sample chapters I saw.. But I would love to have a book with updated code or atleast updated version of code repository may be on github!!

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