Unity: The New AssetBundle System

oh boy

I liked the old AssetBundle system. There, I said it!

It was pretty straightforward and whether or not you wanted to expand it with your own versioning system, it was all up to you. All the madness people describe about working with the bundles and which led Unity to rework the flow for it… well, I never experienced any of that, working on relatively small projects… But change is necessary I guess… So here’s the run down.

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Unity: Unzipping a File in Android and iOS

quick and easy

The solution for this is not new, it’s based on one of the most common C# libraries for compression: SharpZipLib. But recently another programmer was telling me he had to drop this in his project and instead buy a plugin from the Asset Store all because he could not make the library to work with Android.

As he was describing the errors he was seeing I remembered going through something similar a year or so back. So I decided to write this post.

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