Chopper Command In Unity

While building the Chopper Command game in Haxe, then Lua (for Löve and Cocos2d-x) I’d always had in the back of my mind the notion of how easy it would have been to build the game inside a “visual” editor instead of coding EVERYTHING. Let’s face it, when coding games, especially while prototyping, working on a Code only process sucks eggs.

I initially wanted to rebuild the game using Defold, since I already have the main logic of the game written in Lua. But then I thought, why not Unity. Defold feels like Unity anyway, it shares a lot of the same core concepts. And it has a really cool editor, simple and straightforward, perhaps even more so than Unity’s.

So here’s the game done in Unity.

It took me less than a day to rebuild it. I had a working prototype in a matter of hours.

I still want to take a once over, use some reactive extension, and fix the translation of values between the main screen and the radar screen…

But otherwise, it was a breeze.

You can download the project from here.

One thought to “Chopper Command In Unity”

  1. Thanks for the memories, I worked 3 months on a game like this for Commodore computer in the 1980’s (Chopper Hunt), all 6502 assembly language back then. It was a port from the Atari computer.

    I look forward to checking out your Unity implementation. I’ll look for the Cocos2d-x version also since I work with that in the past.

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