Update: Building a Word Game in Unity

A quick one. After the original post for the word game in Unity (a boggle like game) a lot of people asked about handling the input for Desktop as well as how to make the tile selection a bit smoother.
I had coded a much better input controller for the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game and so I would redirect people to that code. But some people had problems merging the logic in the two projects.
So here is the updated Word Game with desktop input handling and smoother tile selection.

The way to solve the tile selection, like in the Rock Paper… game is to use a tiny collider. So I added a trigger collider to the tiles and a second invisible trigger collider on an object the user drags around with every touch/mouse down.

Hopefully this will solve people’s problems with the code.

download the project here

I might even rework this with Reactive Extensions. It would be a nice project for it.

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