Winston 2.0

I’ve been working on a new release for Winston and so that’s the main reason there hadn’t been many posts recently.
Besides implementing the features users have requested there’s a new version of Swift to update the code to.

Swift 4 brought a few timely changes for Strings and Winston is all about strings!
But as far a features, I’ve been concentrating on the most requested ones, namely Cloud support, more support for rich text, and hopefully added support for languages other than English and latin based languages, specially with better support for unicode 9, all I’d really need is a good looking, mono spaced, unicode font.
I’ve been considering working on an iOS version of the app as well, and that might come out later this year.
I don’t have any ideas yet as far as release dates… I’ve been kind of sidetracked by Swift’s port to the Rx library and functional programming using Swift.
I’ve said this before here, and I’ll say it again: Swift is awesome.