Winston 2.0

bells and whistles

I’ve been working on a new release for Winston and so that’s the main reason there hadn’t been many posts recently.
Besides implementing the features users have requested there’s a new version of Swift to update the code to.

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Introducing: Winston

the typewriter emulator for macOS

About ten years ago I created a Flash aplication in Air, called Hemingway. You can still find in this blog somewhere. It was a typewriter emulator. You know, the type of application that makes your computer sound and behave like an old typewriter.

I called it Hemingway because of one the many famous quotations by the writer Ernest Hemingway: “The first draft of anything is always shit.” (Although some versions of this quote do away with the “always”)

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A Simple PNG Optimiser Script

for games and stuff...

This is a simple python script I use to batch process pngs using the command line version of Pngquant. I realize that nowadays there are a ton of utilities and guis doing the exact same thing, but I like it as a command line tool in case I need to batch process thousands of images –– guis tend to freeze.

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The Monty Hall Problem

the lua written proof

I love when smart people get things wrong. And one of my favorite examples of this is the Monty Hall problem. I first learned about it in the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. And I remember finding this post online explaining what happened to Marilyn vos Savant when she ‘solved’ the problem. I love reading the letters she got!

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Dusting Off the Old Blog

more tutorials soon

Time to get back on the horse! I recently celebrated a year of working with Unity full time, at my current job, and it’s about time I start adding some tutorials here dealing with that.

Plus some more stuff on Lua and the latest Cocos2d-x, including the IntelliJ version of their IDE. Sheesh… I’ll get cracking.

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The Awesome Carol Shaw!

the queen of game developers

No one knows this, but a while back this blog went off the air. I contacted the server provider and they said the reason for it is that it far exceeded the number of visitors, there was one page in particular being hit way too many times. If I removed the page, they said, they would put my blog back up. And what was the page? The one where I had my recreation of River Raid.

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