A Match Three Game in Unity: Part 6

connecting matches

This is yet another version of Match Three games, where the player must connect the balls when searching for matches, and can do so in 8 directions. So I’ll use the LineRenderer component, with nothing fancy, just to show how the logic for connecting the balls should work.

A Match Three Game in Unity: Part 5

tap to match

Now that we have the main game logic in place for a typical match three game it’s time to break stuff. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to change the existing logic to create a match three game where the player must only tap the balls to check for matches.

A Match Three Game in Unity: Part 4

checking for matches

Finally we’re ready the add the last bit of logic for the match three game. We need to handle the selection of the balls, and the swapping of balls, as well as a couple of new animations. Then we need to check for matches, cause the grid to collapse and check for matches again until none are found.

A Match Three Game in Unity: Part 3

column collapse

In this step I’ll code the logic that causes the columns to collapse, for when matches are found. And once again I start by updating the Ball class.

I used GoKitLite for the tweening, and I’ll use that for all the main animations: the collapse, the swap, and the reset. The last two animations will be done in the next step of this tutorial, hopefully the last.

A Match Three Game in Unity: Part 2

generating a matchless grid

In the second part of this tutorial I’ll add the logic to create a grid that contains no initial matches, meaning we don’t see three balls of the same color lined up vertically or horizontally. And yo start with, we’ll need to add the multiple ball types.

A Match Three Game in Unity: Part 1

the grid and basic controls

I’ve been working on organizing my posts into a sensible index, and I realized I never posted a match three game before, even though I have written about them in my books. So I thought they could be a cool series of tutorials, since there are so many variations on the engine… Well, except for the “matching of stuff in threes” thing, of course.

Local Notifications Plugin for Android (and iOS)

for unity

In this tutorial I will show you how to create an Android plugin to handle local notifications, the kind you need to dispatch after a delay or at a fixed interval.
The way to setup these notifications in Android is through the Alarm Manager. That way the system will take charge of the timing even if your game is not running.

Introducing: Winston

the typewriter emulator for macOS

About ten years ago I created a Flash aplication in Air, called Hemingway. You can still find in this blog somewhere. It was a typewriter emulator. You know, the type of application that makes your computer sound and behave like an old typewriter.

I called it Hemingway because of one the many famous quotations by the writer Ernest Hemingway: “The first draft of anything is always shit.” (Although some versions of this quote do away with the “always”)

Chopper Command In Unity

quick and easy

While building the Chopper Command game in Haxe, then Lua (for Löve and Cocos2d-x) I’d always had in the back of my mind the notion of how easy it would have been to build the game inside a “visual” editor instead of coding EVERYTHING. Let’s face it, when coding games, especially while prototyping, working on a Code only process sucks eggs.

Extending UnityAppController on iOS

for unity games

For my next trick: the same thing as in the previous tutorial, but this time for iOS. The rules remain the same, so it wouldn’t hurt to repeat a description of what it is I’m trying to build: