Unity: Unzipping a File in Android and iOS

quick and easy

The solution for this is not new, it’s based on one of the most common C# libraries for compression: SharpZipLib. But recently another programmer was telling me he had to drop this in his project and instead buy a plugin from the Asset Store all because he could not make the library to work with Android.

As he was describing the errors he was seeing I remembered going through something similar a year or so back. So I decided to write this post.

Setting Up Cocos Code IDE with Latest Cocos2d-x

and cocos studio

The Cocos2d-x people (aka Chukong Technologies) have mentioned that it is their intention to bring the old Cocos Code environment to Cocos Studio which is why they stopped support for the IDE. It is unclear when the merge will happen. Meanwhile it’s still possible to use it, following a few steps.

A Simple PNG Optimiser Script

for games and stuff...

This is a simple python script I use to batch process pngs using the command line version of Pngquant. I realize that nowadays there are a ton of utilities and guis doing the exact same thing, but I like it as a command line tool in case I need to batch process thousands of images –– guis tend to freeze.

A Path Game Like Flight Control

in unity

Time to add the plane and make it follow the path the player draws. For this, I added one method to the Path class and added a PathSprite class which takes care of interpolating the path and adjusting to any changed done to the path.

Drawing a Dashed Line for a Path Game

in unity

Now I’ll go over the logic to collect points for a path, to be used in a path game like Flight Control. At the end of this tutorial you should be able to have something like the image above: namely, the ability to draw an endless dashed line.