Chopper Command: The Bullet

in cocos2d-x

For the bullet we need an update in two classes. Well, one existing one and a new class for the bullet. In the main game scene I need to add a pool for bullets, and call the update on all the visible bullets


Chopper Command: Updating to 3.3

no, not 3.4

I finally had the chance to go back and finish the Cocos2d-x version of Chopper Command. But first I decided to update the framework. I started with version 3.2 and now it’s already version 3.4. However, I will not use version 3.4 as there are too many issues with the new IDE and the new Framework when working with Lua. Problems creating projects, and publishing to devices.


Cocos2d-x Book: Updated for Version 3.3

and an extra game to boot

Finally I can announce that the book has been throughly updated to versio 3.3, including source code and best practices. I also made sure all games now have an extra tutorial on how to publish it to Android.


Chopper Command in Cocos2d-x: The Player

and controls

Adding the player and the controls overlay should be pretty straight forward now. The only major change to the way I’ve coded the game in its previous versions will involve the player bullet, but that will come in the next tutorial. So let’s add the chopper and controls.


Chopper Command in Cocos2d-x: Sprites

adding our first images

Let’s add a background to the game. If you remember from the previous versions of the game, the background is formed with three sprites: the bg proper and two mountain sprites which are duplicated so we can scroll them.